Great For Athletes (and anyone else with a body)

With so many pills, lotions, and potions on the market, people spend a LOT of time and money trying to relieve pain and inflammation.

  • What about the side-effects?

  • Are there potential interactions with other drugs and medication?

  • How long until it takes effect?

  • How often does it need to be applied?

  • Does it smell?

  • Will it wash off when it gets wet or with sweat?

  • Is it safe to use on children?

  • What about potential long-term damage to internal organs?

Introducing TourmaTape by FIR Industries

Looks Like Kinesio-Tape, Works like Magic

  • Safe for the whole family with no known side-effects or drug interactions.

  • Starts working immediately, and can be worn for several days at least. (When it begins to peel off, simply remove and replace with another piece.)

  • Comfortable to wear with no odor, and no greasy or sticky feeling. Won't stain your clothes.

  • Effective wet or dry. Swim, sweat, bathe, shower as much as you'd like. As long as the tape is in place, it will continue to work.

  • In addition to pain, TourmaTape also helps with focus, clarity, and anxiety relief.

TourmaTape utilizes your own body heat to activate the crystalline technology of tourmaline.

Tourmaline is the ONLY active ingredient.

accelerate the healing process ● stimulate blood flow ● increase blood oxygen levels

scavenge free radicals ● reduce oxidative stress ● reduce inflammation

TourmaTape Application

People Are Talking...

Jim Dowd – 1995 Stanley Cup Champion NJ Devils and 17-Year NHL Veteran

My whole family loves the Tourma®Tape. My shoulder, which I had surgery on now feels fantastic.

We are all sleeping more soundly with our Tourma®Blankets too. Every family should at least try these products. Until they do, they don’t know what they are missing!

Brian “Baldy” Baldinger – NFL Network Analyst & Host and NFL 12-Year Veteran

After 12 years in the NFL, I am often afflicted with pain that I can’t always explain. I have the wrist bands, socks, and even a blanket to sleep with, all made with tourmaline.

I haven’t gone a day without using any of these products and I am thrilled that not only has the pain in my left knee subsided, but the general pain in my whole body is diminished.

As a result, I stopped even taking an Aleve each morning and have no plans to take any more.

Powerlifter Finds Relief from Herniated Disc Pain


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While many people have received benefits from the use and application of tourmaline, we do not claim to heal, treat, or cure any specific ailment or disease. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.